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The Leader in Technical Knitting


Duvaltex is the leading US designer and producer of innovative technical weft knits. This exciting capability allows us to create tailored products designed for a specific application, with an almost unlimited potential for patterns and designs.

Our team excels in bringing new technologies and innovations to the market. Being one of the first manufacturers with 3-D knitting capacity makes Duvaltex an innovator and a trusted partner.

Whether it’s for healthcare or consumer products, office or auditorium seating, or partitions and screens, there is a wealth of applications for this advanced expertise. 

Accelerating the global transition toward advanced and sustainable textiles

At Duvaltex, we design, develop and manufacture high-quality textiles with the help of hundreds of skilled and dedicated employees.

Leading innovation in specialty textiles, we engineer, design and manufacture ground-breaking fabrics for both the medical and the security industry, using high-performance medical textiles and equipment.

As the sum of our different brands, we are North America's largest contract textile manufacturer, and we boast the richest weaving tradition in the industry. We are market leaders, providing innovative textile solutions for the commercial, hospitality, institutional and healthcare markets.

With the combined experience of our teams, there’s nothing Duvaltex can’t do.

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Producing no waste during the assembly process, technical knitting is an environmentally friendly way to create products. We lead the way with new sustainable textiles inspired by advanced circular economy models — creating value for future generations.

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